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Let Yourself Be Huge: The Works of Anastasio Wrobel

Wrobel writes of the mixed media pieces on board, canvas, and paper:
“Painting lines is a habit to indulge. It is a way to meditate, a way to record and pass the time, ingest news, listen to music, respond to reading, gardening, partying, existing – A way to log and associate reactions and experience. The finale of those experiences is deployed in my compositions. Bursts of color, drips, and pockets of jarring vibration are what I focus on.
Using quick hyphenated marks acts like excessive punctuation throughout the work. I’m hoping to emphasize a feeling or idea very quickly. These marks are a reference for headlines and anecdotes, memes and conversations that are somehow all connected – the end equates their significance. My consumption is rapid and I don’t always want to relive all of it. It’s imprinted in me and I want it to be outside of me.

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Later Event: September 27