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Show Pony Gallery


-Opening incantations of spells for the benefit of mother earth by
The Treaty Of Iceberg and Sorcery
Saturday 8/24 6-9pm at Show Pony
a collective space for tears/grief/mourning/contemplation

-A three hour spell/prayer durational time-space—to be in tears and/or the witnessing of tears— to contemplate whatever is sad in you and/or witness the contemplation ——a place to be open to the expression of tears in yourself and/or others—a place to be open to the natural development of grief—a place to be open to whatever comes up in us as a result of feeling or witnessing tears.

-A place to honor the salt waters in ourselves with no need to process, explain or fix.

-A place/space to feel/ honor/hold our grief/mourning for damage to the earth beings, sky beings, water beings, air beings, animal beings, and all beings and all the ways we still don’t know how to take care of/ love ourselves and each other yet.

Come as you are and participate with us in the ways that feel authentic to you.

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Horndeski Contemporary, LLC
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LewAllen Galleries