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Coe Center for the Arts

2019 Hands-On Curatorial Program Exhibition

What is storytelling to you? Think about how many stories you’ve told in your life and how many you’ve heard; throughout the world many stories have been told in their own way, either by art, song, or words. Also, different cultures have their own stories that each hold significant value to them. A story can be told to a group of people and the way that each person receives it may be altered. This is the essence of storytelling. It keeps its original message, but changes with the person. That’s why in our exhibition we are focusing on the notion of storytelling and the many different ways that we can do so.

When we started to discuss our exhibition we realized, the pieces at Ralph T Coe Center have a story to tell. As we acknowledge the object’s own history, we want to take it a step further. To add our own narrative. We want to share our stories and create new ones, adding to the already diverse collection of stories that are present in our world. Recollective Echo, to us, means remembering moments in time, stories and continuing to tell them so that they may go on to be repeated and influential in one’s life.—Hands-On Curators

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